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Picture postcards of hospital and grounds

Black and white picture postcards showing interior and exterior shots of the hospital building and grounds, these include: images of communal areas inside the hospital including the library, De lancey lowe room, assembly room, reception hall and staff standing outside of the gate house (c. 1908). Some of the postcards have been used and are addressed to people living at the hospital.

The picture postcards were produced by several different postcard producers including Marshall, Keene & Co, Hove Sussex.

Multiple creators

Cured by an incurable

Christmas appeal by Crowquill Pencilpoint [pseudonym for the author, Rev P B Power] featuring an account of a doctor who takes two of his patients to the hospital where they are cured, including comic illustrations.

Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

John Howard's Convalescent Home

  • GB 3544 JHH
  • Collection
  • 1920 - 1948

Administrative and financial records relating to John Howard's Convalescent Home, a holiday home for people with complicated physical disabilities established in 1914 by Sir John Howard (c.1830-1917), entrepreneur and railway owner. The home seemed to operate from 1914 to 1947 before being nationalised as part of the new National Health Service. Not much is known about the subsequent twenty years but in 1974 it was taken over by the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability. The Hospital renovated the premises and the hospital acted as a holiday home and a place for long-term residents. In March 1996, the Hospital closed the Home citing that it had become uneconomical to run and required costly renovation to meet suitable modern standards.

The collection includes admission books, medical reports and accounts for the home dating from 1914-1962.

John Howard's Convalescent Home

Thoughts of an incurable

Christmas appeal with an introduction by the Ven[erable] Archdeacon Sinclair. The appeals takes the form of a daily diary written by an unidentified patient at the hospital over the course of the year.

Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

Letters from Home

Christmas appeal for the hospital. The appeal takes the form of published impressions of life at the hospital by the patients, along with photographs of patients and staff members.

Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

  • GB 3544 RHN
  • Collection
  • 1854 - present

The collection spans from its inception in 1854 to the present day and includes records relating to governance, administration, estate, financial, fundraising, medical and research. There is a wide variety of types of records include committee minutes, correspondence, admission case books, domestic ledgers, reports, fundraising pamphlets and audio-visual material and photographs.

Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

Our at home

Christmas appeal with a series of accounts about Founder's day celebrations. Including programmes for the Founder's Day celebration and concert.

Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability