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Minutes for annual general meetings

Meeting minutes and reports of annual general meetings for the charity, this includes first meeting held in November 1854, where the constitution of the charity was agreed, as well as reports of proceedings of the general meetings held in 1899-1900.

Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

Board committee minutes

Bound meeting minutes of the Hospital's Committee Board, who governed the charity. The Board met every fortnight and would make all decisions in relates to policy. When the charity first started the Chairman of the Board was the Treasurer until 1911 when an independent office of chairman was created. The Secretary (now Chief Executive) would prepare the agenda and circulate the minutes to the other committee members.

Committee members for the Board of Management were initially composed of businessmen working in the City of London and later retired military service men, with usually no less than twenty members present at one time.

The meeting minutes are predominantly handwritten but become typescript in the mid 20th century and usually include various inserts of papers discussed during meetings as well as letters and statements transcribed into the minutes.

Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

Minutes of the House Committee

Volumes containing minutes of the House Committee, a weekly committee meeting whose purpose was to make decisions regarding the internal administration of the hospital and its patients. The committee was initially chaired by the Treasurer until 1911 before being replaced by the Chairman and the board would include the Steward, Matron and Chief Medical Officer.

Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

Authorised visitor's reports

Typescript minutes of the authorised visitors committee, 1982-1991. Minutes include reports on patient welfare, Matron's report to the committee, general news and changes in hospital personale, such as new admissions and deaths.

Admissions records

Case books give a description of candidates who applied for home or extra relief from the charity. The manuscript register records the candidates' name, date of birth, residence, disease or affliction and its duration; details of their application and whether they were succeeded. For the candidates' who were admitted into the home the register provides details of when they entered the home and the duration of their time at the home. For those who were admitted as an 'extra' patient or 'pensioner' the register reports when they began receiving financial support and when that support ended. Also, includes a register of patients, 1986-2003.

Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

Visitor's book

Volumes of official visitors to the hospital, 1899-2010, including signatures of visiting members of the Royal Family including Queen Elizabeth II; Diana, Princess of Wales and Charles, Prince of Wales.

Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

Subscription books

Annual publication containing a fundraising appeal and a list of subscribers to the hospital. Each volume provides a list of senior staff and board members of the charity, constitution, appeal for funding, information about providing a financial contribution, a record of the previous years election results, a list of gifts and bequests received in the previous year and a list of subscribers, in alphabetical order. This list provides the names of the subscribers and their addresses, the number of votes that they held, the date when they began subscribers and whether they were an annual or life subscriber.

Early appeals, 1858 to 1901, include a copy of the annual report and accounts.

Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

Christmas appeals

Published annual Christmas appeals produced by the hospital. The appeals were widely sold and distributed around the United Kingdom and formed an important part of the hospital's fundraising activities from 1872 to 1937. The appeals often took the form of an account or sketch of the hospital and its patients and were often produced by well known writers, such as Anne Thackeray (1837-1919), Margaret Oliphant (1828-1897) and Rev Philip Power (1822-1899) and illustrators, such as Lancelot Speed (1860-1931).

The Archive has an incomplete set of the appeals but several others can be found in other collections, namely the British Library.

Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

Papers relating to broadcast appeals and newspaper advertisements

Papers relating to newspaper advertised appeals and television and radio appeals including a copy of a pamphlet of a radio broadcast appeal on 27 August 1939 by Mr Geoffrey Gilbey, and a review of some of the replies received by him from contributors; and a printed advertisement in The Spectator, a current affairs magazine, dated 12 June 1953, featuring a fundraising notice for the Royal Hospital and Home for Incurables on the back page.

Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

Events and visits

Mixed photographs and negatives of images of various events and visits to the hospital. These include Royal visits, such as Queen Elizabeth II visit to open the Chatsworth Wing in 1976; galas and musical performances and other fundraising events and annual activities at the hospital including the Founder's Day staff awards, garden fete and sport's day.

Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

Therapies, services and research

Mixed photographs prints and negatives of various services and therapies, including examples of assistive technology created for patients in the Biomedical Department, 1980s; religious service at the hospital and occupational therapy session activities, such as basket weaving.

Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability